Laminated Flooring

laminated_floorLaminate flooring is quickly becoming the most popular floor covering on the market. It is inexpensive, attractive and relatively easy to install. So that, down the road, if your home design changes the flooring can be taken up and replaced. The other perk is that if the flooring is carefully removed it can be reinstalled in another area

Originally from Europe this flooring has a body of a moisture-resistant layer topped by fiber board. This is then capped with a special clear aluminum oxide finish that protects the photo image of the wood species or tile on the flooring. The flooring pieces can be snapped together and “floated” on a thin foam sheet or glued down.

And this new millennium demands new solutions like laminated flooring. Made with pre-laminated HDF boards, our flooring has an overlay coating to give better abrasion resistance.

lf   Joining System: This is commonly called a “click joint” allows the installation of the floor up to 3 times – so, if —-you decide to change the location of the product down the road you would be warranted);

Core: This is for stability and will have a low swell rate. Sometimes a 7mm floor from one company can-out —–last the 10mm product of another.

Construction of the laminate floor
Special melamine impregnated overlay for extreme wear resistance
Melamine impregnated decor paper
Impregnated thick Kraft paper(s)
HDF core; Alloc Aqua Resist
Patented aluminium locking system
Impregnated edges
Balancing layer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
Underlay – Alloc Silent System (with Alloc HeatingSystem if required)
Surface Characteristics
Wear resistance
Low formaldehyde emission.
Anti-moisture edge protection.
Hygienic & environmental friendly.
Resistance to cigarette burns.
Suitable for under-flooring heating (<25ºC).
Not easy flammable
Fade resistance.
Glue free installation
Anti-moisture Edge protection
Stains resistance.
Impact resistance.